Category: Performance Art
April 2, 2013 – Present
Berlin überall
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco
Saratoga Springs, Lake County
Yuba Libre

Robert Edward Earl Hickling, Der Hase


On the dancefloor in Berlin, someone yelled, “Woher kommst du?” and the Rabbit replied, “Der Hase hat keine Nationalität,” which translates to “The Rabbit has no Nationality.”

It began as an experiment—to walk out of the apartment into the cold, Berlin winter morning with rabbit ears on. All sorts of reactions from delight to disdain were observed as Der Hase was riding public transportation and walking through the streets and museums. Later, der Hase performed Fake Healings at Adrian Arias’ Illusion 8, and also conducted a guided meditation, a rebirth for Homo sapiens to be in touch with their own animal nature, free of nationality.

Put on rabbit ears and pretend as if nothing is odd about wearing rabbit ears. Immerse in the reality of the rabbit. Realize that the rabbit has no nationality.

Der Hase’s subtle signature sunset sign. July 6, 2015

Der Hase in the midst of a fake healing at Illusion 8.

Der Hase caught in a kitchen.

Ono Ludwig took this photo while at a restaurant in Berlin.

Der Hase at Adrian Arias’ Illusion 8.

Der Hase bringing portable dance music to the streets and streetcars of Berlin.

Blessing a wedding with a Der Hase and Barry White duet.